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Those born under the sign of Toucan are friendly and energetic. They love being around people and live for social gatherings. This is a very creative sign that loves to experience art as much as they like creating it. Members of this sign are somewhat contradictory, however. For one thing, they open themselves to their friends as good listeners, yet they are troubled by the problems of others. A Toucan will absorb the difficulties around them and internalize them. They also like to get involved in other people’s business yet they shy away from confrontations and conflicts that arise from this activity. Also contradictory, they prefer being in familiar places yet they long to explore the world.

Toucans love learning about different cultures and languages. They fantasize about traveling to distant lands and having new experiences, but in reality they get a bit uncomfortable being away from home for too long. Because of this, many members of this sign stay in their hometowns but research other cultures and countries tirelessly. Expect to see coffee table books on foreign art and history in your Toucan friend’s home.


Toucans don’t have any trouble winning over others. They are kind and sweet, yet not too shy or too outgoing. They tend to be great conversationalists and are well liked by most people. They may not be the center of attention, but they are always the person everyone else is happy to see. It’s always been too long since you’ve last seen a Toucan friend.

Relationships with Toucans can be slightly tricky. This sign tends to find mates with stronger personalities who can end up taking this sign for granted. Toucans need to develop their self-esteem in order to avoid giving in to partners who don’t appreciate them for the wonderful partners they are. At the same time, Toucans want someone to talk to and who is interested in similar things, and that can be harder to find than they might think as their interests can be a bit out of the ordinary. As long as they keep their hearts and minds open, this sign is a shoe-in for love. They just have to be careful that their love is returned to them equally.

Careers & Goals

As mentioned, members of this sign are highly creative and have a strong appreciation for the arts. They don’t always fare well in careers as artists, though, as they often have trouble finishing what they start. Toucans are notorious for being painters AND writers AND musicians AND actors AND illustrators, etc. They like exploring new thoughts and ideas so much that they are easily bored by old ones - even those ideas that popped up just minutes ago.

For a Toucan to be successful they need to be surrounded by art and language, but not necessarily rely on their passion to pay the bills. The truth is this is a somewhat nervous sign who can let their anxiety get the better of them. It’s far better to reach for a career a bit more sustainable than the rogue artist archetype suggests. Toucans do best setting up small boutique shops that sell interesting trinkets like old books, antiques, or collectibles. This kind of work allows them to engage with other like-minded individuals who share their passion. Toucans also adore language and most know how to speak more than one. They work well as translators or language teachers, especially if they get to use this as an excuse to do some world traveling.


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