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Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Turtle often hide within their own shell, coming out only when they feel safe. This is a quiet, reserved sign, at least on the outside. Turtles care for their friends and family with great intensity. They are usually well put-together and organized and are far more capable than most people give them credit for.

Members of this sign desire to live a simple and happy life. They don’t need fame and fortune to be happy, they just need to be close to friends and family and maybe have some nice things as well. Turtles like to dress well and keep their homes nice and neat. This is where they spend most of their money, considering having a nice home and nice clothes the height of their ambitions.

Turtles aren’t without their complexities, though. Because of their reserved nature they can be hard to get to know. They often hide a secret artistic talent, even from their own families. That’s because Turtles are very sensitive. They don’t want to be judged by others, let alone subject their innermost expressions to such judgment. Members of this sign don’t like to show their emotions, though they are also not great at hiding them.


Turtles are family-first at all times. Despite whatever relationships they had within their own families growing up, Turtles long for a safe and secure family life over all things. They may treat their closest friends like family as well, and rarely say ‘no’ to a friend in need. However, unlike family, a friend who betrays their trust will almost certainly face exile from the fragile and sensitive Turtle. They can be won over by sincere apologies, though, as long as they believe this will lead to a restoration of peace in their lives.

In love, the Turtle will do well. They may find themselves attracted to some bad matches earlier in life, as they tend to draw the hurt and broken types to them. Turtles have to take care not to let themselves be emotionally (or otherwise) abused, as they have a hard time letting go of those they love. Eventually, most members of this sign will become independent enough to not need a partner around, and this is usually when they will find the love of their life.

Careers & Goals

It’s probably no surprise that Turtles make fantastic librarians. It’s almost as if this sign was born to care for knowledge and history. That said, they can also find a great career fit as historians. They are not necessarily the type to draw attention to themselves, though, so despite their vast knowledge it’s rare that they would pursue a career as a professor or author. The Turtle wants a simpler life than that.

Being caretakers by nature, many Turtles choose a career as a homemaker. This is a perfect fit for this family-oriented sign, though it may surprise those who know them to find that they still desire some social interaction. Similarly, Turtles can be successful as land owners or landlords. This sign is a surprisingly smart and savvy investor, and takes great care of their properties, even if they are renting them out for a nice return.


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