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Sagittarius + Dragon



Optimistic, adventurous, and proud, it takes an incredible amount of effort to slow the momentum of those born under the sign of the Whale. Like their animal namesake, the free spirited Whale goes where it wants when it wants to. They are surprisingly quick, powerful, and even loud. The biggest ones have no natural predators, for no one can face the pure amount of size and force inherent in this sign.

Luckily, Whales are not focused on using their power to take over the world. Those born under this powerful sign are more interested in making their own journey the best it can be rather than worrying about where everyone else is going. They are unique, proud, and aggressive wanderers with big personalities who not only take big risks in life with the mindset that there is nothing that can stop them. And they are right. Not only is this a very powerful sign, it is also a very lucky sign as well.

Their philosophy on life is usually much different than that of others. Friendly, giving, and self-assured, members of this sign also have a tendency to be closed-minded and stubborn. Some think they are too proud and too confident, and indeed they do have a tendency to look before they leap. The one thing Whales can never allow themselves to feel is boredom. For a Whale, boredom feels like death. They need to keep moving ever-forward in order to feel good about their role in life.

Pride is a big deal to a Whale, though they usually have a good sense of humor about themselves. They know they can be impatient and overly aggressive when it comes to getting what they want. Whales love nothing more than seeing the results of their actions, as these usually come in the form of rewards. With no risk too big or adventure too small, members of this sign can never be truly held to one spot. They are forever moving forward, seeking all of the experiences that life has to offer.


Whales make great friends. They are always up for a good time and love to socialize. They are outgoing leaders with strong personalities who may, at times, try to dictate the direction of their friend groups, but now always. More than anything, Whales want independence, but they still like to have people around who know them well. With such a strong personality there is no way for them not to rub some people the wrong way, but it hardly matters. They are who they are, and even if they are not beloved by all they are most certainly beloved by most.

Members of this sign are very attractive, exotic, and unique. People are naturally drawn to them, but sharing the lead in their life is not their strong suit. It will be hard for them to do what others want while doing what they want, and they know it. As enticing as the experience of love and romance is, Whales will ultimately have a hard time committing to a partnership, unless their partner is willing to follow them on their journey. This is by far the biggest life challenge for them. Can they find a way to balance their need for independence with their desire for the passions of romance? Chances are it will take time, but eventually many Whales will find the right partner to take on life’s adventures with.

Careers & Goals

There are so many different things Whales want to experience in a single lifetime, that it is difficult to pin down careers that fit them well. Ultimately, what they do is not as important as why they do it. This is a sign that requires excitement and adventure but also respect and power. They have the drive to be the best if for no other reason than to see if they can. Members of this sign follow their hearts, and they should. They are their own best guide.

Those who don’t have a specific goal in mind should consider careers in advertising, law, or journalism. All of these options give them the chance to work on multiple accounts, cases, and stories within a short period of time. In their younger days, roles like flight attendant or tour guide are instantly appealing, though the ever confident Whale will likely become bored after a short time in these roles. It’s not unusual for Whales to continue trying out new careers throughout their lives, but it would be wise for them to come up with a focus for their careers so they don’t always have to start over from the bottom.


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