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Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Wolf are passionate, determined, and never back down from a fight. Though generally mild mannered and even easy-going (when things are going their way), members of this sign are very protective of themselves and the ones they love, and will not let anyone intimidate or coerce them. They are generous, warm-hearted, and perhaps a bit stubborn. Though they hold their friends and family very dear, Wolves also have an independent nature that compels them to seek their own path in life.

Wolves simultaneously seek security and adventure - two things that don’t tend to coexist very well. That said, their determination to live their lives exactly how they desire makes having both a possibility. They simply don’t accept limitations when it comes to something they are passionate about and would rather fight than run from a challenge.

As strong as they seem, those born under this sign are easily hurt emotionally. They secretly care deeply about how others perceive them and can be sensitive to even the smallest insult. Should they have a falling out with someone, they will most likely need time alone to let the wound heal. Wolves like to believe that everyone respects them as much as they want to be respected and can’t stand to be derided or treated poorly by anyone.


Wolves are family-oriented, but that’s not limited to blood relatives. To them, family includes old and dear friends as well. Loyalty is of great importance to a Wolf, and they will never turn their back on family. Members of this sign tend to keep a tight-knit group of friends and don’t hesitate to spoil them all when given the chance. Though they are level-headed with money, those born under the sign of the Wolf love to spend money on big parties and extravagant vacations, and if they can afford it, take those they are close to along for the adventure with them.

Though they may have a tough exterior, Wolves are suckers for love. They are naturally passionate and romantic individuals who seek to enjoy all that life has to offer. Members of this sign have a tendency to overindulge in the things they enjoy, and love is no exception. Wolves have to be careful not to lose themselves in their relationships, as doing so has a tendency to backfire and cause problems and resentment. Those who master moderation can do well with many types of partners; the only real requirement for long-lasting success is to have a partner who believes in them and their dreams.

Careers & Goals

Wolves are good at business, but do best when they can play a big role, which usually (but not always) means being in charge. They are naturally gifted leaders as they possess both the perseverance and the intuition to march forward under the most grueling circumstances. Most can easily succeed in management or finance, and many find success as stockbrokers, advertising agents, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

Members of this sign tend to have a passion for music and are especially gifted in singing, playing an instrument, or writing songs. They also have a great appreciation for beauty along with a great fashion sense which makes them excellent clothing designers, beauticians, and stylists.

Wolves are passionate people and should always follow their passion rather than money, success, or image. They are capable of achieving almost anything and should never be afraid to take a risk if it feels right.


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