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Those born under the sign of the Wombat are strong, determined, sensitive, and stubborn. While they may not show their sensitive side to others, it is there - hidden beneath a layer of friendly manners they always keep on the surface. Wombats tend to be rather quiet and unsociable until you get to know them, or rather, until they get to know you. Members of this sign prefer to quietly observe until they feel comfortable with the group. Once you get them going, though, this is actually quite a social sign that gets along well with many different types of people.

Wombats are smarter, stronger, and more agile than others expect. This sign can be painfully over-indulgent and procrastinating to the point that others wonder how it is they get by day to day. Once a Wombat has made up its mind, however, there is nothing that can stop them from getting what they want. This is where their slow determination and stubborn refusal to let anything stop them give them their great strength.

Wombats prefer familiar people and places. They are fond of luxuries and usually have well-kept homes where they enjoy hosting parties. A Wombat will always have great food, wine, and desserts on hand, as they do like to indulge in worldly pleasures a bit too much. Hosting parties and entertaining guests is where they shine the most. They prefer this very strongly over going out to clubs or bars or anywhere else loud or crowded.


Members of this sign make great friends. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and usually have intelligent, well-thought-out advice to give. Being one-on-one or in small groups of close friends are strongly preferable to large groups or unfamiliar situations. Take a Wombat out of his or her comfort zone and watch your friend become shy, aloof, and even irritated. Those born under this sign do best at their own homes or places they feel at home in. This makes relationships with highly social signs more difficult, but in the end others will gladly take time to hang out on a Wombat’s turf because a relationship with this sign is so very worthwhile.

Wombats are sweet and sensual and put a lot of trust into their relationships. As with everything else, they take a long time deciding to commit to relationships, but once they do consider it a done deal. Wombats will stay true in love until the bitter end, but they also expect this from their partners. Should this trust be betrayed, expect to see the rare but legendary rage from this quiet but powerful sign. More than anything, Wombats are protective of their relationships, which are a key to keeping them balanced and happy.

Careers & Goals

It never fails to surprise those who know a Wombat best when they discover that their reserved and lazy friend is a talented entertainer. It certainly doesn’t seem to fit with their mild exterior, but in truth members of this sign enjoy creative self-expression and are often naturally talented in the arts, especially in music. Some of the most legendary blues and jazz musicians of the early 1900s, such as Robert Johnson and Duke Ellington, were Wombats.

Whether or not they choose to be artists, most Wombats enjoy the arts in some fashion. They have a natural talent for business, too, which can make for some interesting career choices that often happen on the commerce side of the art world. Of all these, the most fitting career for a Wombat is that of a fundraiser. In this role, a member of this sign can host a grand party to auction off art in order to help others. It’s a difficult job that requires a determined leader that refuses to believe that even the largest goals cannot be reached.

Of course, this sign should choose a personally inspiring career where their internal drive kicks into high gear and helps them push past all the barriers in the way. Without the inspiration to use their powerful determination, this sign will more likely end up giving into laziness, procrastination, and over-indulgence.


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