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Capricorn + Monkey



Independent, self-sufficient, and optimistic, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Woodpecker have a strong belief in themselves and their ability to create and achieve. Highly capable and adaptable, Woodpeckers are good at figuring out puzzles and overcoming challenges that others prefer to avoid.

Woodpeckers have big ambitions and rarely trust others to perform to their expectations. Because of this, they often take matters into their own hands in order to get things exactly how they want them. They instinctively know that even minor flaws in presentation can counteract a great deal of the hard work they’ve put into a project, so they tend to be much more calculated in their approach to goals and challenges than they might be in other aspects of their lives.

Specific interests and passions are important for this sign. They tend to be very good at the things they are interested in. The more they are interested in a challenge, the farther they can go with it, because Woodpeckers never stop working. This sign combines the serious, driven nature of Capricorn with the clever wit of the Chinese Zodiac’s Monkey. When these forces work in harmony, they are practically unstoppable. Woodpeckers are good at spotting trends, and making plans. They believe that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

In order to function at a high level, members of this sign need an above-average amount of self-confidence. Praise and admiration for their intellect and creative thinking often come at an early age and these individuals are often considered to be intellectually advanced. While this sets them up with the confidence they need to achieve their goals, Woodpeckers still must be careful not to turn self-confidence into self-centricity. An active social life is important to balance them out and keep them optimistic. When self-confidence wanes this sign can turn quickly to its dark side, becoming conceited, melancholy, and disinterested in anything other than themselves. When this happens they need to work their way back into confidence. Nothing anyone else can do for them is as powerful as their own ability to create.


Unlike most Capricorns, Woodpeckers are naturally outgoing. While Capricorn tames the wild antics of the Monkey in career and goals, there is still a great amount of energy that needs to be taken out via social means. Socializing is a great way to balance out the needs of both the conscious and the subconscious. Woodpeckers are usually cheerful, optimistic, and very charming. As long as they can let go of their troubles and have a good time with friends they are almost always a highlight amongst their peer groups. Everyone loves a Woodpecker and knows that they are always there when needed.

Woodpeckers tend to be a bit more hesitant than one might expect when it comes to romantic relationships. They are strongly independent individuals who don’t need the approval of others as much as most other signs born during the Year of the Monkey do. As with everything else in their lives, relationships may begin spontaneously but will have to fall into the greater plan at some point. Because of this, few self-aware Woodpeckers will settle down and marry before their peers. When they find the relationship they are looking for they will go all-in, giving of themselves completely in order to integrate their partner into their life plans. Those who have yet to find their perfect mate may be considerably more picky and flighty in relationships.

Careers & Goals

Careers and other goals are of tremendous importance to Woodpeckers. This area is where they have the opportunity to truly showcase their talents, and a great deal of their self-esteem comes through their accomplishments. Members of this sign are likely to play up to their natural talents and inner inclinations, but can be persuaded to take jobs that give them some sort of status or admiration. Whatever career they choose, it has to intrigue their curiosity as well as be something they can pour themselves into. Woodpeckers will keep climbing as long as there is room to climb, so careers with limited ceilings need to have other desirable aspects to them, such as money, power, or rank.

Interestingly, the most fitting careers for this sign involve very little power or authority. Instead, they are roles in which the Woodpecker can make a contribution to society through their intellect and creative thinking. Engineer, computer programmer, and city planner top the list of compatible careers for this sign, followed by careers such as geologist, physicist, and occupational therapist. Though this may seem to contradict the creative nature of the Woodpecker, these are all careers in which ingenuity and unique approaches can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and the kind of cultural transformations that would satisfy the deepest desires of any member of this sign.


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