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Those born under the Eastern Zodiac sign of Horse are strong, restless, and uncontrollable. They are naturally outgoing and love nothing more than being the center of attention. The Horse is a wild, energetic sign that is not easily tamed. Members of this sign are strong willed, but they are also funny, witty, and creative. There are many things that Horses can accomplish, but whatever they choose has to be interesting to them. Horse is not a sign that does well when bored or stuck in a routine. These individuals long to be free, but they will also work extremely hard to put themselves in a position where they can do as they please more often.

Horses have a reputation for being moody. While not possessive or jealous they can be a bit self-centered and always want things to be done their way, regardless of the situation. Horses trust their instincts to carry them through life, which sometimes gets them into trouble, especially since they are so restless and spontaneous.

Members of this sign have a hard time relaxing. They don’t do well with quiet time and prefer to be the center of attention as often as possible. They have a weakness for flattery that can be exploited by others. Their energetic and inquisitive nature leads them into new opportunities and new projects all of the time, though they often move onto new projects and opportunities before they finish what they have started. Horses can be blunt and impatient as well, speaking their minds when perhaps they would do better being diplomatic, but that’s not the Horse way. This is a very self-reliant, self-oriented sign that can accomplish a great deal if they can stay focused.

There are 12 Primal Zodiac signs for the Eastern Zodiac sign of Horse, one for each sign of the Western Zodiac.

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