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The word “cocky”, meaning egocentric and self-assured, comes directly from the 10th sign in the Eastern Zodiac, the Rooster. While this may seem to be a negative description, the lives of Roosters are practically defined by an unwavering confidence in themselves and their beliefs. Without this strong sense of self, those born during this year might find themselves without the necessary inner strength to achieve what they want in this lifetime. Yes, Roosters are a bit arrogant, but they do much to earn the right to be proud of themselves. People born during a year of the Rooster are also extremely honest. They don’t believe in hiding their emotions behind a false representation of the self, and they stick to this belief readily in life. Though others may find their blunt honesty a little unsettling, those close to Roosters know how valuable an objective opinion can be.

Roosters are motivators, both of themselves and of others. They know there is no hiding from the truth, so they purposefully move in the direction they know is best. This can be surprisingly difficult for many other signs, and people respect Roosters for their ability to confront life’s challenges head on. This sign revels in its own accomplishments, and almost always strives to maintain a positive, optimistic outlook on life. They know that others will hold them accountable for their big talk, which is partly why they make such big boasts and claims of victory soon to come. This is how they motivate themselves and others to take big risks and claim big rewards.

Those born during the year of the Rooster have bright, colorful, confident personalities. They can be incredibly charming in a classic sense, like how one might imagine an old Hollywood movie star to behave at a cocktail party. These are very social individuals who have little trouble mingling and mixing with almost any crowd. For all their talk, Roosters know that others have high expectations of them, as they do for themselves. They will outwork anyone, just to prove they can do it, but they don’t just work hard. Roosters are shrewd and cunning and know just which corners to cut and how to do it so nobody will notice the shortcut. They are in life to win, and will not allow anyone to hold them back from their goals.

There are 12 Primal Zodiac signs for the Eastern Zodiac sign of Rooster, one for each sign of the Western Zodiac.

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