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Those born under the Eastern Zodiac sign of Snake are soft spoken, charming, and mysterious. It’s hard to tell what is going on behind the eyes of a Snake, but this is also a sign that is very honest with close friends and family. Snakes can be excellent manipulators because of their great instincts and ability to notice what other people want and need without trying, however the independent Snake is not going to strike unless the moment is right and unless the reward is worth the risk. Members of this sign prefer a brains over brawn approach to life and don’t mind taking advantage of opportunities as they come along.

Snakes trust themselves and their instincts. They don’t like to take unnecessary risks because they hate to lose at any game or challenge. They are generally private except with those they trust the most. Snakes have a classic charm and an elegant, if not romantic quality to them. Others are intrigued by the Snake because of what is hiding below the surface.

An angry Snake is not necessarily one that is likely to strike any time soon. Snakes prefer to plot their revenge and wait until they hold the advantage before making a move. Instead of hostility those who have wronged a Snake will receive an icy coldness rather than the usual graceful warmth. This is not a sign that forgives easily. Despite their self confidence, Snakes despite being rejected by others. However this sign also tends to get what it wants, so every defeat is simply another motivation to outsmart their competition in every way possible. Though they may seem to be a bit evasive, people tend to admire the charming and funny Snake, who always brings a unique perspective to the table.

There are 12 Primal Zodiac signs for the Eastern Zodiac sign of Snake, one for each sign of the Western Zodiac.

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