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Those born under the Eastern Zodiac sign of Tiger are often the centers of attention. Even when sitting still, Tigers have a larger than life energy that is difficult not to notice. Tigers are optimistic, resilient, and influential. Other compatible signs are naturally drawn to them and Tigers often find themselves the de facto leaders in social groups. They are intense, magnetic, and authoritative individuals who have big ideals to support their big personalities. Tigers are often into humanitarian causes, but unlike many other idealists they are often rebellious and outspoken in their cries for justice. They are fighters who are not afraid to take risks as long as they are passionate about what they are fighting for.

Though they can be very intense at times, Tigers are also a bit fragile. They are often romantic and playful and have a sincerity and generosity to them that others don’t get to see when Tigers are busy fighting the good fight. Members of this sign get their feelings hurt easily and when it’s their turn to be the hurt or sick ones they take full advantage and allow others to comfort them.

Tigers like to work hard. When working towards a goal they care about they are enthusiastic and efficient, able to take on a larger load than most others. Though they are often social they like to spend a certain amount of time alone to focus on their goals. Socially Tigers are affectionate and have great senses of humor. They can be obsessive, though, and can become possessive and territorial over those who they consider close to them. This is a sign that requires balance and moderation, though Tigers usually feel that they are too busy saving the world to stop and rest. Indeed this is a powerful sign that never gives up or backs down when it comes to their passions in life.

There are 12 Primal Zodiac signs for the Eastern Zodiac sign of Tiger, one for each sign of the Western Zodiac.

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